Voluminous Hair

Voluminous Hair

What is PRP?

platelet-rich plasma (PRP) was used by doctors to heal an injury due to its super power of skin cell renewal. PRP can also be used to restore hair loss, PRP Hair Restoration is suitable for both men and women. By stimulating hair cells and speed up the hair renewing process. Hair can be loss due to stress, hormone misbalance, lack of blood flow.

PRP Increases blood supply to the existing hair follicles, it is highly effective in stimulate the new hair growth and increase hair thickness, decrease hair loss, help with hair thickening and regrowth.



First, we draw a patient’s blood, then put it inside a spinning machine so that we extract the plasma often know as “liquid gold” a highly concentrated growth factor contains approximately 3 to 5 times the number of platelets found in normal circulating blood.

PRP is injected into the treatment area by an injection gun that is specially made for the hair area, which helps to renew hair follicles, stimulate cell renewal, allow the hair to grow thicker and healthier.

Works to:

  • Increasing hair counts
  • Increasing hair thickness
  • Increasing the number of times your hair actively grows

How can I prepare for my treatment?

To prepare for your treatment, make sure to wash your hair the night before or morning of.

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